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Today’s torah proportion is Te’TzaVeh and we continue with the theme of furnishing the tabernacle as a place that will represent God’s presence amongst the children of Israel.  The parsha starts with the requirement of “kindling lamps regularly from evening to morning before the Lord, and it shall be a due from the Israelites for all time, throughout the ages." Our Tanakh tells us that the tradition of the eternal light is the only commanded practice associated with the ancient Tabernacle that is still in use today. I remember approximately 25 years ago, in my first year as President of this congregation, that we had a major crisis during our Yom Kippur .............



  The Nosher | My Jewish Learning
Where to Buy the Best Tahini In the U.S.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Smoky Black Tahini 

These Black Tahini Truffles Are the Perfect Vegan Dessert

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Stories of Hope, July 2024: Here to lift you up

In Uganda, one organization is transforming men into champions for women’s rights

After an historic vote to legalize marriage equality in Thailand, two LGBTQI+ activists look to the future

Start your summer with Stories of Hope: June 2024

Katherine Haynes Elected as Chair of the Board of Trustees at American Jewish World Service

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
After uncertainty, Benjamin Netanyahu secures meetings with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Donald Trump

Mark Kelly, a potential Harris VP pick, has a Jewish spouse with a striking story: Gabby Giffords

The Borscht Belt Festival, honoring the Jewish Catskills, is bigger and broader this year

Here’s why Jews are excited — and nervous — about a Democratic ticket that could include another Jew

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania’s Jewish governor, could be Kamala Harris’ VP pick

  NYT > World > Middle East
Fatah and Hamas Sign Unity Deal in China, but Deep Divisions Remain

Harris’s Views on Israel Are in the Spotlight as Netanyahu Visits Washington

Hamas and Fatah Signed a Statement of Unity in China, but Skepticism is High

Netanyahu Seeks Support in U.S. Visit, but Will Find a Nation Distracted

After Harris Declines, Senator Will Preside at Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

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How a bestselling book became an unlikely lightning rod in literary fights over the Israel-Hamas war

The ICJ ruling is a welcome step, but Palestinians in the West Bank are running out of time

An astronaut, kosher Jew and Southern gentleman walk into the VP race: Ranking the Jewishness of Harris’ VP prospects

Benjamin Netanyahu holds the record for most speeches in front of Congress. Here’s why

How Kamala Harris views antisemitism differently than Biden

Turmeric, Almond Milk, And Date Smoothie

Malabi Rosewater Pudding

Three Ways Marriage Is Like Nike

Holocaust Survivor Carries the Olympic Torch

Pinchas 5784: Follow the Leader

  Jew or Not Jew
Shaquille O'Neal

Bernard Lown

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Molly Gordon

Albert Lasker

  Jewish NewsJewish News
Watchdog probes aid charity over possible links to pro-Hamas news network

Lord Mann reappointed as government’s independent adviser on antisemitism

Netanyahu meets with hostage families in DC as pressure mounts for a deal

Inclusive catwalk show celebrates its third year

Aish UK hosts 180 British students for unforgettable Shabbaton in Budapest

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
Netanyahu to Meet Biden on Thursday, Trump on Friday, Harris …?

National Security Council Issues Travel Warning for Israelis Heading to Paris for 2024 Olympic Games

Day-Long Hezbollah Rocket, Drone Attacks Fired at Northern Israel

Israeli MKs Approve Bills Designating UNRWA as Terror Organization in First Reading

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle Resigns After Trump Nearly Assassinated

  Washington Jewish Week
Gail Wilensky

Rudolph Volin

Ruth Snyder

Phyllis Satterfield

B’nai B’rith Marks 30th Anniversary of AMIA Terror Bombing

  My Jewish Learning
Where to Buy the Best Tahini In the U.S.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Smoky Black Tahini 

These Black Tahini Truffles Are the Perfect Vegan Dessert

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