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As we will soon be gathering for the annual remembrance and celebration of Passover in our homes, in our houses of worship, and in spirit with our fellow American Jews and Jews throughout the world, I cannot help but be conflicted by the blessings of freedom of religion, justice and the democratic process that allows us to live as Jews in this country, and the rise of polarization, extremism, inhumanity and warfare that exists with and amongst our fellow man.  It  saddens me that the common values of kindness, respect, and tzedakah do not seem as universal and that many communities are not as welcoming as in past years. There should be a lot to think about when our Passover Haggadah guides us through ..........



  The Times of Israel
PROBATE CITATION: Estate of Moshi Mizrahi a.k.a. Abraham Mizrahi - Sponsored Content

US county scraps ‘American Christian Heritage Month’ after local Jewish outcry

4 nabbed for stealing decommissioned tank from IDF base

Israel and the UK clinch $2.1 million deal for joint science and innovation projects

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch steps down as chairman

Watch Idina Menzel Sing From the Torah

My Kids’ Jewish Identity Looks Different Than Mine. That Doesn’t Make it any Less Meaningful.

14 Movies About Atonement for Yom Kippur

The 20 Most Popular Jewish Baby Names in Israel

This Video of Barbra Streisand Singing ‘Avinu Malkeinu’ In Israel Is Incredible

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
“The queerest space in Nairobi”: LGBTQI+ activists create safe space in Kenya

Transformed by grief: A mother searches for Mexico’s disappeared

Flipping the Script: Young Feminist Leaders Tell Funders What They Need at the Women Deliver Conference

Showing Up for Women and Girls: Shyleen’s Fight

Smashing the Patriarchy: Richa’s Fight

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Antisemitism summit in NY expected to draw thousands, from boldfaced names to students

The buzzy novel ‘Whalefall’ offers a modern spin on the ancient Book of Jonah

A California county calls off ‘American Christian Heritage Month’ after fierce backlash

In emotional ceremony, heirs to ‘Cabaret’ inspiration Fritz Grünbaum take back 7 Egon Schiele works stolen by the Nazis

Claudia Sheinbaum is on track to become Mexico’s first Jewish and woman president

  NYT > World > Middle East
After Libya Flooding, Signs Point to a Crackdown on Dissent

Biden and Netanyahu Meet to Try to Soothe Tensions, With Some Success

Navigating a Perilous Mountain Pass After Morocco’s Devastating Earthquake

East Libya’s Leader Keeps Tight Control Over Flood Aid

Biden Aides and Saudis Explore Defense Treaty Modeled After Asian Pacts

  The Forward
I’ve been a Jewish day school teacher for 20 years. I make less money than I did in my twenties

Video: A penniless women’s prayer leader vents her anger at wealthy women

A California county calls off ‘American Christian Heritage Month’ after fierce backlash

In an unsettling account of French collaboration with Nazis, disturbing parallels with today’s politics

My life in delis — an elegy to the Carnegie, the Stage, Charney’s and the Jewish eateries of yesteryear

Thinking About the Roman Empire: A Jewish Edition

The Matchmaker: Yom Kippur

A Mother’s Love & Yom Kippur

Cream Cheese and Lox Quiche

Ha'azinu 5784: Forgiveness is a Virtue - Yom Kippur Edition

  Jew or Not Jew
Elias Abraham Rosenberg

Craig Mazin

Jerry Buss

Erik Hesselberg

Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll

  Jewish NewsJewish News
OPINION: Musk, technocide and this latest evil fantasy

Making Sense of the Sedra: Ha’azinu

Leap of Faith: should poverty-stricken India aim for the stars?

As Adam Sandler brings the bat mitzvah to Netflix, we focus on the real-life version

“When I think back on my life I see a picture of my mother”

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
WATCH: 2nd Annual Ari Fuld ‘Lion of Zion’ Award Ceremony, Honoring Yishai Fleisher

Netanyahu Directs Nuclear Experts to Find Saudis a Path to Enrich Uranium

Netanyahu Demands Guterres Change UN’s Negative Attitude Toward Israel

IDF Confirms Strike on Syrian Army Posts Violating 1974 Disengagement with Israel

Combat Antisemitism Group Hails Missouri Adoption of IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

  Washington Jewish Week
Jewish Values, Jewish Education and Spiritual Growth with Rabbi Fabian Werbin

Israel Should Establish Functioning Asylum System for African Refugees and Give them Right to Work

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Rail and Shipping Diplomacy

Elon Musk and His Demons

  My Jewish Learning
Modes of Divine Connection

Israel’s El Al Airlines’ New Menu Sounds Incredible

Kiddushin 39

Kiddushin 38

Parashat Ha’Azinu: Healing Ourselves











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