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Usually, when I attend services with a family member or a friend, at some point they will turn to me and ask, will this be over soon?  I always give the same response, We can only pray!  Unfortunately, this “prayer” often seems to be rarely answered in the manner desired by the questioner, or complainer.  And it leads to questions that perhaps we should ponder, Does prayer really help?  Why do I pray?  What should I be praying for?  The topic of prayer always reminds me of a story.  The humorist Harry Golden tells the story of his father, a notorious atheist who nevertheless went to synagogue every single Saturday morning. When Harry asked his father about it, his father replied ..........



  The Rabbi Sacks Legacy
The Templeton Prize Remembers Rabbi Sacks

Interfaith Dialogue on “To Heal a Fractured World” at the 2023 Sacks Conversation

Plans revealed for new Jonathan Sacks Institute in Israeli University

Rabbi Sacks’ Avatar to Teach Israeli Students Through the Metaverse

A New Collaboration Between The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, Sefaria, and Koren Jerusalem

This Hanukkah Episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk Is Full of Jewish Joy

This Easy Hanukkah Cookie Hack Is So Cute

Broadway’s Biggest Rising Star, Julie Benko, Brings Us a Unique Take on a Yiddish Classic

Six13’s New Hanukkah Taylor Swift Parody Goes Through All the Eras

The Stories of the Israeli Hostage Kids Who Have Returned Are Harrowing

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
Bitter Sugar: Exposing the Harms of Sugarcane Production – and Demanding Change

One barrio at a time, this AJWS grantee is transforming young people into community leaders in the Dominican Republic

Kenya’s Land Grab Is Profiting From Pain

“We can’t wait for change”: Congolese activists are fighting to ensure a free and fair election

Remote, Hybrid Fundraising Teams Help Nonprofits Hire, Retain Top Talent

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Shots fired fired at Albany synagogue with preschool, suspect in custody

More than 500 staffers of Jewish groups, most of them progressive, appeal to Biden to press for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war

‘All about light overcoming darkness’: How US Jews are celebrating Hanukkah with Israel at war

Former IDF chief’s son killed in Gaza fighting as Israel presses forward with costly counteroffensive

We need a do-over for the last 2 months. Hanukkah is made for the moment.

  NYT > World > Middle East
Israel Says Hamas Fired Rockets From Near Gaza Shelters

In Israel, Hanukkah Begins in the Shadow of Two Months of War

Son of Israeli War Cabinet Member Killed in Action in Gaza

Bruised by War-Related Boycott, Artforum Seeks a Reset

Strike That Killed Reuters Journalist Was ‘Apparently Deliberate’ Israeli Attack, Group Says

  The Forward
Shots fired fired at Albany synagogue with preschool, suspect in custody

University presidents waffled in condemning calls for genocide. Jews are on our own as much as ever

‘All about light overcoming darkness’: How US Jews are celebrating Hanukkah with Israel at war

How the Israel-Hamas war exposed a rift in Haredi Orthodox Judaism

Hamas killed his family on Oct 7. At his bar mitzvah, he wore a Holocaust survivor’s tefillin — his grandfather’s

Chanukah Spices

Norman Lear Made America Confront Antisemitism and Racism

What’s It Like to Be a Jew at NYU?

Get Ready to Settle the Age-Old Debate: Latke or Hamantaschen?

8 Non-Jewish Heroes in These Dark Times

  Jew or Not Jew
Michael Kors

Alexandre Millerand

Eric Bloom

Amari Bailey

Zigfrids Anna Meierovics

  Jewish NewsJewish News
Emeritus professor says ‘Zionist takeover’ of Labour led to her call to ‘blow up’ JLM event

UK universities ‘infested with antisemitism’, former minister tells MPs

Tory MP says Sunak favours tackling antisemitism over anti-Muslim hate

OPINION: The FA is truly sorry for the pain caused by its response to 7 October

£20m emergency loan fund is wartime lifeline for Israeli companies

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
2 IDF Reservists Fall in Battle, Including Son of War Cabinet Minister Gadi Eisenkot

Israeli Civilian Murdered in Hezbollah Anti-Tank Missile Attack

US Asks Israel to Not Respond to Houthi Attacks

Dozens of Hamas Terrorists Surrender in Khan Yunis

Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Humanitarian Zone

  Washington Jewish Week
Helen Wenig Seasonwein

Debbie Leibowitz

Marvin Stanley Kay

Lenore Kalen

Dinah Haramati

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How Many Candles Are Needed for Hanukkah?

The Two Miracles of Hanukkah

Taylor Swift’s Cookie Sweater Was Inspired by a Shiva House

What To Serve With Latkes This Hanukkah

8 Jewish Donuts From Around the World











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