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Federation Launches Campaign 100%

In 2006 the Greater Altoona Jewish Federation announced the initiation of Campaign 100%, an effort to have every Jewish resident of our community become a member of our Federation.

Click here for our 2023 Annual Campaign letter, brochure and pledge card

Campaign 100% is a lofty goal but our executive committee feels that there will be many advantages from this effort.  In addition to greater funding for Federation programming and event sponsorship, this campaign should be a great community building activity.

Our 2005 demographic profile our community found that of the 214 Jewish family units in our area, 11% are not affiliated with any local Jewish organization and 40% are not members of the Federation, as they do not contribute to our annual campaign.  While many non-Federation members attend Federation sponsored events, such as, the February Jewish Film Festival, our annual Super Bowl party, or the Summer BBQ Party, the board feels that that reaching out to the every Jew in our community would strengthen our community and lead toward increased Jewish solidarity.

With religious programming at Agudath Achim Congregation and Temple Beth Israel as well as secular activities in our community we often forget the significant role our Federation provides for the Jewish community. 

Each year our Federation is playing a greater role in to strengthen and preserve Jewish life in our community.  Our Federation is actively involved in enhancing our children and teens thru the Altoona Community Sunday School, YES – Youth Experience Scholarships for Jewish summer camps, and Passport to Israel.  Our Federation is taking the lead in social, cultural and educational programs for adults and families thru the Annual International Jewish Film Festival, Super Bowl Party, Summer BBQ Party, Annual Holocaust Rememberance Program, and sponsorship of trips to the National Holocaust Museum, the Library of Congress and a recent trip to Baltimore.  Our Federation provides newsletters Being Jewish and L’Chaim.  Our Federation strives to meet the needs of our seniors with the Adult Social Club and Senoir Outreach.  Our Federation is involved in interfaith activities to maintain a strong Jewish presence in our community through Celebrate Diversity, the Jewish Memorial Center, PSU Altoona Outreach, and educational programs to schools and community groups.

Our Federation is the only organization that is involved in all aspects of Jewish life in our community.  Our Federation is there for Jews of all denominations and beliefs.  The Federation is the one place that we stand together as one.  To have 100% membership would further strengthen our community for the benefit of all.  Having all Greater Altoona Jews belong to one organization would help to ensure our future as we go l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.  If you believe in preserving Judaism in our community you need to be a member of the Greater Altoona Jewish Federation.

Click here for our 2023 campaign letter, brochure and pledge card.

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