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    Great Speeches  

The Greater Altoona Jewish Federation now has a playlist on Youtube. Our first playlist is named GREAT SPEECHES, and features landmark speeches from prominent leaders of the 20th century.

Just click on the photo of Elie Wiesel on the right to go to the GREAT SPEECHES playlist and select "White House Millennium Lecture Series - #7"

Click here to go to the Federation's YouTube channel. Our channel has our member interviews and different channels for great speeches about Judaism, philosophy and historic moments by historic figures.

The Federation will continue to post individual videos of cultural and historical value below.

  Robert Kraft and Clarence Jones    
  Best of Jewish Folks Telling Jokes  
The Full History of Hamas
  Antisemitism at Penn   Campus Antisemitism at Cornell
  Algeria, Where Are Your Jews?
The LeeVees Celebrate Hanukkah
Israel is a Mixed Multitude
  Israel Bonds Salutes Israel at 75   Strategy to Combat Antisemitism
  Standing Up To Jewish Hate: Son
Rabbi's Advice on Civil Conversations
ADL to CEO's: Speak Out Against Hate
  Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band   StandingUpToJewishHate
  Robin Williams on Biblical History
StandUpToJewishHate: Isaiah
StandUpToJewishHate: Tony
  January 27th, Int. Holocaust Day   America's Most Jewish Community
  Hassid or Hipster?
Robin Williams tells Passover Story in Two Minutes
Sebastian Maniscalco Passover Story
  Commercial Against Antisemitism   Commerical Against Antisemitism
  Rabbi Sacks and Scientist Dawkins debate relationship between science & religion.
Animate Your Hanukkah, New Videos Here

"Antisemitism is Hate" Commercial

  The Iranian Schindler   Jon Stewart on Antisemitism
  60 Minutes Episode of the Paper Brigade, Holocaust Resistence

Rabbi Steve Leder on Free Speech and Antisemitism

Standing Up to Antisemitism: Five Courageous People
  A Jewish American Tale   Israel, Jews & Progressive Spaces
  David Baddiel on Racism and Antisemitism
Antisemitism is Racism in Jews Don't Count
AJC: Is the Golden Age of American Jewry Over?
  ADL Lesson from Hostage Crisis   Jews and Civil Rights Movement
  Mel Mermelstein, Auschwitz Survivor Shut Down Holocaust Deniers
Greta Weinfeld Ferusic, Survivor of Auschwitz and Sarajevo
Why Candles Are a Must on Shabbat
  ADL In Concert Against Hate   The Ritchie Boys on 60 Minutes
  ADL 2021: Numbers About Hate Crimes
ADL Guide to Confront On Campus Antisemitism
  Six13 West Side Chanukah Story   Moses and the Exodus

Judaica Roadshow: Hanukkah Edition, presented by Joellyn Zollman

Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song 3.0
Nissim Black and Kosha Dillz Remix Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song
  JDC: The Future Needs Us   DeathMetal Holocaust Grandma
  The Book of JDC: Our RH Message
JFNA Rosh Hashanah Greeting
Jews in Sports Narrated by Al Michaels
  Julius Rosenwald Book Review   Germany's Neo-Nazism/Far Right
  Why Do We Say Shabbat Shalom?
Rosh Hashanah Greeting from Israel's President, Herzog
UJA's Recent Rabbinic Mission to Israel
  Holocaust Day Message - Jill Biden   Real Time on Israel v Hamas
  Antisemitism: A Unique Hatred
Why Are Jews Hated, Part 1
Why Are Jews Hated, Part 2
  This Land is Your Land in Yiddish   Lone Soldiers
  Why Are Jews Hated, Part 3
How Israel Recycles Roughly 90% of It's Waste Water
C is For Connection, Not Cancel
  Genius and the Story of the Jews   Abraham Joshua Heschel 1972
  Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court
Schwarzenegger Likens Capital Mob to Kristallnacht
Top 10 Debbie Friedman Songs We Need Now
  Boris Johnson's Hanukkah Wishes   Daveed Diggs Hanukkah Song
  Flames of Hope: The Power of Hanukkah
The Lights We Light by Rabbi Sacks
The Hidden Story of Hanukkah
  Quotes from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks   Once Refuges, Now Veterans
  Fiddler on the Roof Surprise

Ethiopian Olim Arrive in Israel

Tribute to mark the completion of Shloshim for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l

  Hiram Bigham IV, Hero   Anti-Semitic Conspiracies
  Hallelujah: What is Israel to You?
Inspiring Message for this Corona Rosh Hashanah
A Sukkot Shiur by Rabbi Sacks
  Zach Banner Talks Anti-Semitism    
  The Jewish Algorithm from Rabbi Sacks commencement speech Counting to Shavout: Achieving the Impossible
HAIS: Refugees Join Global Fight Against COVID-19 Holocaust Sand Art
THe Jewish Response to COVID Jewish Rapper Responds to Wiley
      Chasing Spielberg
  Moment Zoominar: Lessons from My Father The Teachings of Elie Wiesel Remembered with Elisha Wiesel Are You a Circle or a Line?
NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins Talks Judaism
Comedic Roast Hasidic Style
  Bari Weiss at NYC Rally 1/22/20   Rabbi Sacks 3/18/20
  Tibor "Teddy" Rubin: Jew, American and Hero
Saturday Night Seder 4/11/20
SNL Bar Mitzvah Boy Explains Passover
  Four part series on Jewish Values   Bari Weiss on Anti-Semitism
  Bari Weiss & Debra Lipstadt discuss Anti-Semitism
A Star Wars Hanukkah
Bohemian Hanukkah
  Jonas Philips, the First American Jew   Sacha Baron Cohen's ADL speech
  Freedon Can't Wait
In Memory of Lori Gilbert Kaye
A Story about Uniting a Family
  Joshua Bell's Stradivarius   Anti-Semitism Resolution
  Weird Ways that Won the Israel War of Independance
Seeing the Good in Others
Resolution 181: Zionist Dream Realized
  Violins of Hope   Look for the Helpers
  Remembering the March to Save Soviet Jewry
Rescuing the Wandering Jew
The Passover Meal
  Russian Jews Movie    
  Dancing at the Concentration Camp The Influence of the Bible on America's Founding
Herzl: The Dream of a Jewish State The Secret Mission of Castellanos and Mandl
Golda Mier: Iron Lady of the Middle East WDC: We Remember
  Non-Jews Take the Taste Test   Sarah Plays HORSE with Clergy
  Bari Weiss on HBO about Pittsburgh
Andrea Cohen Chairperson of Altoona Community Clean Up Day
What is a Jew?
  Israel Wave Your Flag   Israeli Checkpoints-Reality Check
  Life's Most Important Question
Does the Torah Mention the Afterlife?
Amazing Tie Between Ancient Israel and America's Founding Fathers
  Tapper calls out UN on Human Rights    

Danny Kaye & Harry Belafonte sing "Hava Nagila" 1965

Judge Ginsburg and Jane Eisner in Conversation
Adam Sandler's 4th Hanukkah Song Paul Simon's Best 8 Songs
Rabbi Sacks - Why Judaism Should Matter to You I'm That Jew, What is Judaism
  Truman Jaboson Relationship   Matan Rochlitz- A Survivor's Story
  Jews React to Old Bar Mitzvah Photos
Why Anti-Zionism is a Form of Anti-Semitism
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in Yiddish
  Jimmy Kimmel Bar Mitzvah Story   Israel Is Home, One Girl's Journey
Rabbi Sacks on the Mutation of Anti-Semitism
Author Lev Golinkin Speaks at HIAS
  Old School Kosher Deli   Strictly Kosher Series
  Keeping It Kosher in LA
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: What Jerusalem Means to Me
Deborah Lipstadt: Behind the Lies of Holocaust Denial
  Jewish Arab Wife Swap    
  Message from ISIS's Jewish Prisoner Sky Above Israel
The Rabbi and the Israeli Taxi Driver Passover Mashup
Alan Derschowitz: Never Apologize for Being Jewish Remember the Exodus
  In Response to US Vote at UN   Prager University
  Israel's Legal Founding
Origins of the Word Palestine
Testing Londoners Jewish Knowledge
  Hanukkah Story for Kids   Standing with Israel
  Born to Hate Jews
Derschowitz and Prager discuss UN Resolution on CNN
Fox News Panel on UN Resolution
  The Hidden Holocaust 60 Minutes   Rabbi Sacks Addresses GA
  The Meaning of Kaddish
Sarah Zoabi, Proud Muslim Zionist
History of the San Diego Jewish Community starring Joellyn Wallen
  Sounds of Soul - Jews in Music   Rosalie Abella Yale Law Address
  “Mi Sheberakh: May the One Who Blessed” Debbie Friedman in Concert
Miracle at Entebbe 40th Anniversary
Elie Wiesel: ‘To Life’ A Celebration of 180 Jewish Lectures at 92Y
  Undercover on Campus   Alan King Explains the Middle East
  Steve Port Movie from Federation Annual Meeting May 3, 2016
Itzhak Rabin In His Own Words - Trailer
Muslim Speaks Out Against Radical Islam
  The World Called. We Answered.   Superman's Got Nothing on Israel
  5 Most Jewish Moments at the Oscars
Finding Your Roots Dustin Hoffman
Why are there Still Palestinian Refugees
  UC Regent on Anti-Semitism   The Israeli Condition - Ari Shavit
  Hanukkah Mashup by StandFour
Marc Chagall
Why Israel Needs Defensible Borders
  Bergen-Belsen Survivor  

On Jewish-Muslim Relations

  Viral Video: I'm That Jew
60 Minutes: The Hidden Holocaust
The Chanukah Song --- Part 4 by Adam Sandler
  I am Israeli   Why I am a Jew
  YLove Talks Diversity
Netanyahu Slams Iran Nuclear Deal
Frasier Acting Jewish
  Jon Stewart's Jewish Roots   Prager on Iran
  Son of German Nazi Converts To Judaism
Julian Edelman Blows Thru Israel
Egyptian Student Speech at University
  Live Love Israel   Operation Entebbe
  Bobby's Story, Faith After Holocaust
The Mystery of the Jews
Who is Guilty ot War Crimes in Gaza?
  Dating Advice from Bubbe and Zayde   Encountering Auschwitz
  French PM Valls on French Attacks
Aliyah Under the British Mandate
The Dov Landau Story
  Gangsta Hanukkah    
  8 Best Hanukkah Videos of 2014  
Why 10,000 Jews Will Leave France
Marais, the Heart of Jewish Paris
  Anti-Semitism on US Campuses   Zero Motivation Trailer
  Leonard "Leibel" Fein
Hanukkah: Fighting Darkness w/Light
  The Middle East Problem   Carmen at Mosada
  UN & Anti-Semitism - Ann Bayefsky
The Jewish Story Behind Spock
Wolf Blitzer Traces His Jewish Roots
  RH Message:Mom of Murdered Teen   Shimon Peres Goes Job Hunting
The Jewish Food Taste Test
The Colors of Jerusalem
  Great in Uniform, Serving Israel   Spontaneous Pro Israel Rally
  Do You Pass The Israel Test?
Netanyahu Answers Prebyterians
Remembering the Rebbe
  Jason Bateman Does Yiddish   Streit's Matzah Story
  CBN and the Threat to Israel
Songs from Russia
Jon Voight Loves Israel
  Netanyahu at the UN   Israeli Jews/NonJews
  IDF Field Hospital in the Phillipines
  Boycott Israel
  Black Miracle: Hanukkah Poetry Slam
  Birth of the Israeli Air Force   Big Bad Wolves Trailer
  Happy Rosh Hashanah from the IDF
Israel Land of Miracles
Made in Israel - Technology
  The Long Way Home - Documentary   Jewish Boxing History
  Gershwin and Israeli Philharmonic
Rise & Fall of the Borscht Belt
Jorel's Bar Mitzvah Invitation
  Maccabeats Le Mis Passover   Imagine a World without Hate
  The Hebrew Mamita
  Israeli Wedding
  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at AIPAC
  Matisyahu Hanukkah   A Capella Hanukkah
  Hanukkah Rube Goldberg Machine
"Jewish" Inmates Request Kosher Food
The History of Polish Jewry Museum
  The Deli Man   Neil Diamond's Hanukkah Song
  Joe Lieberman Exit Interview
Human Rights Watch Ignores Genocide
The Maccabeat's Shine
  Israel, Seeing is Believing   Jewish Voter Paradox
  Prager U: The Middle East Problem
March of Life
  Israeli Olympic Moment   Rosh HaShanah is Beautiful
  CBS 60 Minutes Holocaust Program
Jerusalem and Democratic Platform
Temple Israel of Hollywood
  Jerusalem Fly Over   US Gymnast Aly Raisman
  Dennis Prager and America
  Hava Nagila The Movie
  The Soaring Survivor   Yom HaShoah Message
  In Defense of Israel
  U.S. Policy Regarding Jerusalem
  Boca Raton Controversy
  Marc Chagall   White House Holiday Celebrations
  Flash Mob Jerusalem
Passover Rhapsody
Faith Off: Passover or Easter?
  Dara Horn and Jacob Prayer for the State of Israel Birthright
  Spiritual Power, Laugh in Peace Portraits of Valor: Tibor Rubin The Greatest of All Time
  White House Kitchen Kashered Netanyahu Christmas Greeting I am Jewish
  Silhouetes Passover Inside Israel Trailer Yeshiva Boys Choir
  Israel IQ at UCLA Uganda Torah Project Ivan Rebroff - Live in Concert
  Holiness in the Holy Land This is Unity SNL Ben Stiller Yom Kippur Skit
  It is NOT Acceptable Friends or Bombs? Dip Your Honey
  The Ritchey Boys Videos from JNF Conference 2011
  NFL and Rosh Hashanah I Own a Deli, I am a Jew Archie Bunker's Shabbat Dinner
  Technion Tell It Your Way Durban and Rascism and the UN
  Hava Nagilah from Kuwait Israeli Apartheid Michele Bachmann on Israel
  Benjamin Netanyahu 28 years old Steve Lawrence "Where Can I Go?" The Tailor
  BBC Lies The Heart of the Jewish People Israel's Magna Carta
  Israel Invents the MagShoe Music Royal Klezmer Wedding
  Let My People Go From Russia with Love? Glen Beck on Israel
  Passover Crash Course Google Exodus Passover Matzo Man
  First Jews Broadcast on Nazi Soil Maccabeats Purim IDF Stops Illegal Weapons
  Texas and Jews UN Watch on Gasddafi Bad Week for the Jews
  Colbert Report and Israeli Sharks What Would You Do Labels Disable
  Hanukkah Hip Hop Hanukkah Holocaust - The Gerstein Report
  New Israeli Hospital Matisyahu Hanukkah Song Hanukkah
  Yiddish Dennis Prager - Middle East Problem Israeli Invention
  AJWS AJWS Volunteer Profile Israeli Weightlifting Champion
  L'chiam, to Life Echos of the Shofar Alice,Oldest Survivor & Musician
  CBS Holocaust Part 1 Israeli Critical Security Needs Hava Nagilah, What is it?
  Israeli Innovation Friends of the IDF The Liberal Case for Israel
  Only Israel Holocaust Identity
  Anti-Semitism Israel Marriage
  Israel Music Curent Events
  Holocaust Memorial Program AC, NJ Ed Koch on Obama and Israel Israel and Obama
  Principal Does Good Hitler's Children Discuss Holocaust Delegitimaization of Israel
  Michael Steinhardt and Birhtright Steinhardt Debates Boteach Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Jesus
  Campus Anti-Semitism & Anti- Zionism Passover Video Making Matzah Balls
  Defending Free Speech at UC Irvine Auschwitz Photo Album Humor - Old Jews Telling Jokes
  Israel in Haiti Culture Seven Reasons to Support Israel
  Interfaith Culture Culture
  Spirituality Holocaust Studies Current Events
  Powerpoint Downloads Culture Current Events
  Hanukkah Song 1 Hanukkah Song 2 Hanukkah Song 3
  Aliyah Humor Holocaust In Film