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The Greater Altoona Jewish Federation has been blessed by thousands of benefactors throughout our 100+ year history.  This virtual honor wall highlights the “stars” of our community that have generously given beyond our annual campaign with significant financial gifts.The Federation is always looking for more “stars”. Please donate generously.


Photo of the Tower of David in the Old City of Jerusalem, December 24, 2018 by Dr. Michael L. Cohen.

Hover on the Magen Davids in the sky above the walls of the Tower of David in Jerusalem and you will see the generous stars of the Greater Altoona Jewish Federation.

These gifts, as well as our annual campaign, have been used to promote the philanthropic, social, cultural and educational advancement of the local Jewish, interfaith and secular community, emphasizing social justice, human rights and freedom, consistent with our American democracy, since our founding  in 1910, and incorporation in 1943.