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In Fighting Antisemitism, Jews Can Be Our Own Worst Enemies. We Shouldn't Be - 12/19/22

ADL's Fighting Hate From Home an Interview with Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt - 7/28/22

Are Jews a Race, It's Complicated - 2/6/22

On Whoopi Goldberg's Comments and the Origins of Racism - 2/5/22

The New Wave of Holocaust Revisionism - 1/29/22

What an Antisemites Fantasy Says About Jewish Reality - 1/21/22

A Call to Action: Ten Ways to Respond to Antisemitism - 6/20/21

99th Anniversy of Tulsa Massacre highlights Juneteenth 6/20/2020

HAIS Year in Review, Determination and Global Growth 12/26/19

Hate Groups Reach Record High 2/19/19

Altoona Community Dinner Tackles Tough Topics 11/13/18

Whiote Supremicists Dupe Celebrities into Making Anti-Semitic Videos 11/30/18

Documenting Hate: Charlottesville 8/9/18

The Path to Autocracy is All too Familiar 8/8/18

The Court Has been Wrong Before. We Must Keep Fighting 6/27/18

One Rabbi’s Bipartisan Spiritual Quest: End Corruption in Pennsylvania 6/20/18

Like The Holocaust, Family Separation in the US will Scar Generations to Come 6/18/18

On Shavuot, Remember that Ruth was a Poor Immigrant 5/14/18

Jewish Students on the March to End Gun Violence 3/24/18

A Jewish Call for Ending Gun Violence in the USA 3/12/2018

How Holocaust Motto "Never Again" Became a Rallying Cry for Gun Control 3/8/18

Jewish Parkland Student Lobbies for Gun Control 3/7/2018

Walkouts, Marches and the Desire to 'Do Something': What You Need to Know About Stoneman Douglas Activism 2/20/18

JCPA Expresses Outrage at Mass Shooting at Parkland High School and Calls for Action to Combat Gun Violence 2/20/18

Heart Broken Town Feels Like One Big House of Shiva on Shabbat After Shootings 2/18/18

My Son, Blaze Bernstein was Murdered. Then Came an Outpouring of Love

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, We Must Replace Numbers with Names

Why Economic Injustice is an Existential Issue for American Jews

San Antonio Spurs Stood and then took a Stand with this Message

My Father, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Was a Dreamer, Too

Community Conquers Hate

One Thing Jews Should Be Doing to Combat White Supremacy

A Guide to The Far-Right Groups that Protested in Charlottesville

This Holocaust Survivor Noticed a Detail in Charlottesville You Might Have Missed

It's Time to Insist on an America Without Hate

Interfaith Alliance Responds to White Supremacist Rally

Be Careful How You Offer Sanctuary

Why Our Synagogue Became a "Sanctuary Synagogue"

Anti-Semitism Continues

Speaking Out for People with Diabilities is a Jewish Value

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