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Our Federation is offering this wonderful new program for young children - a FREE treasury of Jewish books and music. All families with children through age 8 are invited to enroll.

You have already received an invitation and copy of one of the books, Something from Nothing. Fill out and send the postcard for your children. Feel free to share the information with other familes who may not be known to us. The Federation and the Harold Greenspoon Foundation are committed to bringing the library to every family who wants to participate. Remember there is NO CHARGE to you for this program and the benefits to your children are priceless.

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation was recently featured in the Forward Magazine.

"Harold Grinspoon has done more than most in terms of cultivating the next generation of Jewish learners. He isn’t a lecturer, an author, a rabbi, or in any way a part of the intelligentsia. He is simply a kind (and enormously wealthy) man who understands the importance of books to the Jewish communal experience.

Grinspoon is the founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, which, in addition to providing consultation for Jewish overnight camps, running grant programs for Jews in Grinspoon’s native Massachusetts (as well as southern Vermont), and more, operates PJ Library, a philanthropic effort that sends out free Jewish-themed books and music to anyone who requests them. PJ Library currently operates in 12 countries, and has extended its program to provide books to non-Jewish Israeli Arabs.

Recently, Grinspoon, who has already invested over $200 million in Jewish philanthropic causes, signed Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates’ “Giving Pledge.”

“In the 21st century, I believe that for Judaism to continue to have an impact on families and society, Jewish living and learning must be actively cultivated,” he stated." Click here to read more.

Read more about this program.

VIDEO: The Magic of the PJ Library.

Read a message from EDMUND CASE is the founder of InterfaithFamily, a Jewish non-profit focused exclusively on interfaith families.

Call the Federation office at 515-1182 with any questions.