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Murders in Mumbai


The Greater Altoona Jewish Federation joins our national organization and other faith communities in condemning the terrorist murders in Mumbai, India and the wanton slaughter of innocent men, women and children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families whose lives have been forever shattered.

Although a Jewish site and an innocent Jewish family was targeted for death, this was not just an attack on Jews. Although other Americans and Westerners were targeted, it wasn’t just an attack on them. This was rather an attack on humanity and all who cherish life and whose beliefs are based on tolerance and respect. It was an attack by those who have no regard for life and are consumed by hatred. They justify murder and barbarism in the name of their own twisted view of religion.

Now is the time for the leaders of all nations and people of all religions to condemn without reservation this heinous act. This should begin in Pakistan and include all countries. Those who do not come forward to condemn this act are its silent partners. All people of good will need to speak with one voice especially at this holy season of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim world.

Bill Wallen, Executive Director
Greater Altoona Jewish Federation