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International, National, and State Allocations

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS works throughout the world on the rescue and resettlement of Jewish refugees.  They screen, represent applicants with government officials, coordinate transportation, provide reception and placement upon arrival in the new homes primarily in Israel and the United States.

Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition, PJC works with the legislature and statewide religious agencies to assure separation of church and state, promote interfaith understanding and programming, and advocate for laws to protect minority groups.

Jewish Federations of North America (formerly UJC), The funds are primarily divided between The Jewish Agency for Israel (75%) and The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (25%).

The Jewish Agency for Israel, (JAFI) For over 90 years, the Jewish Agency for Israel, a humanitarian organization committed to the highest ideals of freedom and equality has been pivotal to Israel's remarkable story of immigration, renewal and growth.  More than 887,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union started new lives in Israel between 1989 and 2000. In 2003, 35,000 Jews from the Former Soviet Union, Argentina, and Ethiopia were resettled in Israel.  Whenever there is a Jewish community in the FSU, there is a JAFI Representative for Hebrew-language classes, summer camps, youth clubs, education and job placement.  In Israel, JAFI operates 35 absorption center facilities that house unaccompanied minors and young adults in education programs and immigrants rescued from crisis; 56 hostels that shelter and care for the immigrant elderly; information centers that give one-stop assistance to new immigrants in private housing; advanced Hebrew-language and vocational retraining classes.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee,(JDC) For over 100 years, JDC has embodied the principle that all Jews are responsible for one another.  Operating in 57 countries around the world, JDC rescues Jews in distress, provides relief for Jews in need, reconstructs and rebuilds Jewish communities and helps Israel address its social challenges by serving as a force for innovation and reform.  Today the JDC helps those in the FSU who live on meager fixed incomes.  The JDC provides food and home care to over 260,000 most needy.  JDC's Hesed centers distribute services in the FSU by incorporating senior citizen centers with food programs, medial equipment loan facilities, medical consultations and a variety of services for the homebound under one roof. There are 145 Heseds in the FSU. In the last two years services have been developed in Argentina for over 35,000 Jews who live in poverty from the economic collapse there.

Israel Emergency Fund, This is a special fund created in 2002 to supplement the annual UJC campaign to provide special help needed because of terrorism in Israel.  Funding is devoted to medical support, trauma relief, and safety/security programs, especially for children. The fund was restarted in 2006 in response to the shelling of Northern Israel by Hezballah.  In 2014, another campaign occurred called “Stop the Sirens”, in response to the conflict with Hamas.