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Of the many qualities that define Judaism and our community, generosity is one that often comes to my mind.  As we finish our annual campaign, it is easy to focus on financial generosity, the mitzvah of a financial gift to support the many programs that enrich Jewish life in our community, as well as helping Jews in Israel and throughout the world.  Yes, the Federation would like a successful campaign to help fund the many programs that we provide, and the programs with which we are partners with other community organizations.  Yes, the Federation feels that a financial gift is empowering not only for the recipient, but also for the donor.  Yes, it would be wonderful if every member of our Jewish community provided a financial gift as a symbol of ......READ MORE.


Ian Housman

Traveler & Birthright Alumnus

  The Times of Israel
US rabbi calls on Pope Francis to remove church at Auschwitz

Female teacher admits to ‘affair’ with 15-year-old student

Iran threatens to shut off Strait of Hormuz

Lower Galilee council head: I don’t want Arabs in our pools

6 arrested in gang rape of Israeli woman in India

My 2-Year-Old Is Baby Crazy…But I’m Not

Finally Realizing My Black Son Can’t Be Protected by My Whiteness

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Analysis: How Israel undermined the tunnel threat

Trump says was being 'sarcastic' in Russia hack comments

Netanyahu deflects criticism over Hamas terror tunnels unpreparedness

Report: Assad and Putin held secret meeting, discussed Israel

Haredi parents initiate petition demanding schools with general education studies

  Editorial and Opinion Feed
Ross Urges Israel To Be ‘Proactive’ With PA

Chain Of Command

Clamoring To Serve?

Proud Of Raisman

Brooklyn Energy Video - The Middle East
U.S. Training Elite Afghan Troops

Disarray in Middle East Imperils Obama's Policy Plans

Oil’s Decline Threatens Iraq’s Fight Against ISIS

Brooklyn Men Arrested in Plot to Join ISIS

Jury Finds Palestinian Authority, PLO Liable for Attacks headlines RSS
New tensions threaten Arab businesses recovering from trauma of Gaza war

Tel Aviv residents save the city's oldest ficus tree

Young woman killed, two others hurt in West Bank stabbing attack

Four Syrian nuclear scientists shot dead near Damascus

Netanyahu 'invites' Arab protesters to move to Palestinian Authority

A Letter to My Beloved on Tisha B’Av

The Broken Tablets

Choose Life: A Documentary about Leah Kaufman

The Iran Deal and the Hebrew Calendar

The Shabbat Desecrator

  Jew or Not Jew
The Karaites

Simone Signoret


Madeleine Kunin


  Jewish Telegraphic AgencyJewish Telegraphic Agency
All 6 suspects arrested in gang rape of Israeli tourist in India

Jewish Week Media Group to publish New Jersey Jewish News

Pope Francis must insist Auschwitz church be moved

On Dems’ national security night, Israel is notable for its absence

State Department ‘deeply concerned’ by Israel’s new settlement construction plans

  Jewish Ideas Daily - Daily Features
You Only Live Twice

Religion and State in Israel

The Ten Commandments

Come Swing with Me

Secularism and Its Discontents

The Jewish Lyricist Behind Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys

See “The Merchant of Venice” Go Jewish and Black, in 1870s D.C.

Nazi Buried-Treasure Amber Room: Still Buried!

The Insane, Witchy Way Israelite Adulteresses Were Supposed To Be Punished

Meet the Russian Jazz Starlet Who Now Sings in a Brooklyn Basement

  My Jewish Learning
Why I Want To Serve As A Rabbi… For The Military

VIDEO: How to Make Simple Hummus

Sesame Noodle “Nests” with Barbecue Baked Chicken Wings Recipe

Camp Rabbi, Role Model, Match-Maker

Why Tim Kaine is Good for the Jews (And It’s Not Because of Israel)











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