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Wherever Jews are in need, JDC is there.  That has been true since 1914 when “the Joint” first started providing relief and rescue to Jews in war-torn Europe and Ottoman-ruled Palestine - and it is true today. Throughout the world, and particularly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the world’s poorest Jews depend on JDC. Today JDC is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian organization - active in more than 70 countries around the globe. For 100 years, JDC has provided rescue and relief to Jews in need throughout the world.  For the last three decades, we have been working to help Jews in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union the poorest Jews in the world - and to renew Jewish community life to provide a support...READ MORE.


Ian Housman

Traveler & Birthright Alumnus

The Forward Remembers Leonard Fein

A Fight Worth Fighting

The (Overlooked) Man in Ramallah

4 Things About the Times of Israel 'Genocide' Blunder

Convergence of Hate
Islamist Rise Could Drive Arab Moderates Closer to Israel

Henry Waxman Retirement Marks End of Era in Los Angeles Politics

Billionaire Chairs Quit Center for Jewish History

Judges Slam Yeshiva University in $680 Million Abuse Case

SodaStream May Close Controversial West Bank Factory - Front Page
Netanyahu: Toppling Hamas remains an option

UN: Dozens of peacekeepers rescued from Syrian rebels on Golan

Arab MKs attend Hamas 'victory rally'

The Jerusalem Post News: Round-up of all the latest headlines from Israel and the Jewish World

'What will happen in a month?'

  Editorial and Opinion Feed
Ross Urges Israel To Be ‘Proactive’ With PA

Chain Of Command

Clamoring To Serve?

Proud Of Raisman

Brooklyn Energy

  <P>News from The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)</P>
Federation Veteran Mark Gurvis to Join JFNA

Wildfires Ravaging Colorado: Federation Relief Efforts

SCN Highlights Security Practices at Global Forum

JFNA Board Issues Kotel Resolution, Backs New Budget and Alliance Plan

Leadership Briefing Archive headlines RSS
UN peacekeepers freed from Syria rebels after firefight

Netanyahu: Palestinians must choose between Hamas and peace

EU leaders pick Italian FM as bloc's new top diplomat

Newly declassified documents reveal how U.S. agreed to Israel's nuclear program

Man charged with assaulting British MP George Galloway

Elul: The Secret to Change

Are You Ready for Rosh Hashanah?

ABCs of Elul

Get Clarity: Aish.coms Rosh Hashanah Music Video

Find Your Greatness

  Jew or Not Jew
Vic Seixas

Jason Dunford

Boba Fett

Nancy Meyers

Ida Rosenthal

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Jon Stewart on filming in — and talking about — the Middle East

Pew poll: More U.S. sympathy for Israel than Palestinians

Report: Rivers in induced coma

Yale chaplain blames anti-Semitism on Israel

Appeals court hears claims in Adelson v. NJDC lawsuit

“Lincoln’s Nigun—Yamin U’smol”: The Perfect Song to Usher in the Sabbath Queen

OMGWTBIBLE Podcast: Let the Exodus Begin!

Help OMGWTFBIBLE Complete Epic Comedic Torah Translation

Richard Attenborough’s Jewish Refugee ‘Sisters’

Spotlight On: Gary Spielberg, A.K.A. Russian Comedy Sensation Baba Fira

  Jewish Ideas Daily - Daily Features
You Only Live Twice

Religion and State in Israel

The Ten Commandments

Come Swing with Me

Secularism and Its Discontents

  Tablet Magazine
There Were More Than 40 Jewish Festivals in Poland This Year

Adrien Brody is Houdini in New History Channel Miniseries

H&M Selling Hillel-Inspired 'If Not Now, When' T-Shirts, #YOLO

A Guide For the Purrplexed: How Maimonides Explains the Hello Kitty Controversy

Tweets Cost Professor Steven Salaita His Tenure. And That’s a Good Thing.











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