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I hope everyone is enjoying the new material on the Federation website.  I know that an update has been long overdue.  I believe it has been four months since I last did an update, and that is definitely too long.  My bad.  I must admit that updating the website is not always my favorite activity, especially when the weather turns warm, but not necessarily dry.  However, not all things that are important are also fun, but not fun can still be meaningful.  I can type like this in circles, but we are all busy so I should get to the point.  The point is, and should always be, that life and Judaism are about mitzvot, doing good deeds, and updating the Federation website is clearly a mitzvah, and which is it’s own reward. I hope you, our community, takes advantage of the resources and the....READ MORE.


Devorris Cohen Family

Israel Adventure

  The Times of Israel
Roof of Milwaukee Jewish school collapses, week before start date

Brazilian troops begin deploying to fight Amazon fires

Jerusalem residents least satisfied with their city services, survey finds

2 men charged with attempted murder of their brother outside LGBT youth hostel

Blue and White MK rejects accusation of racism after ‘black and white’ comment

What Trump’s Comments Mean to This ‘Disloyal’ American Israeli Jew

BRCA Testing Saved My Life

Quentin Tarantino and Israeli Wife Daniella Pick Are Expecting Their First Child

There May Be Bacon on the Table but It’s Still Shabbat

This Nice Jewish Suburban Mom Was Addicted to Painkillers (CYM Rewind) - Homepage
Netanyahu in North: Israel prevented Iranian attack on the Golan

Kochavi: Iran's Qasem Soleimani personally oversaw planned drone attack

An angry Qasem Soleimani won't give up on his dream to attack Israel

Lebanon warns Israel against blatant aggression

PLO: Hamas responsible for assault on our Gaza offices

  Jewish WeekJewish Week
Is Trump Selling Israel Out? No, He’s Buying It.

Israeli Girl, 17, Killed In West Bank Terrorist Attack

Second Shot At Justice In YU High School Sex Abuse Case

When Gap Year Students In Israel Need Help

Trump Doubles Down On ‘Disloyalty’ Comments

  NYT > World > Middle East
Hezbollah Says Exploding Drone Damaged Its Office Near Beirut

Israel Says It Struck Iranian ‘Killer Drones’ in Syria

Half of Israelis Want Netanyahu Out. But Do They Want Benny Gantz In?

Tehran Orders Crackdown as Wealthy Use Ambulances to Beat Traffic

Bomb Kills Israeli Girl, 17, at a West Bank Oasis

This Innocent-Seeming Group Is Actually A Major White Nationalist Organization

NYC’s Coolest Sandwich Spot Is A Tiny Storefront Run By An Israeli Couple

Instead Of ‘Netflix And Chill,’ They Log On To Their Synagogues

Israel’s Airport Harasses People Of Color, But Diane Kruger Snuck Through As An Acting Exercise

For The Anniversary Of The Hitler-Stalin Pact, A Look Back

Yom Kippur: The Power of Forgiveness

Yom Kippur: We Can Change

9 Lesser Known Facts about Yom Kippur

A Spiritual Guide to Teshuva

The Psychopath Inside: Yom Kippur, Free Will Determinism

  Jew or Not Jew
Sam Berger

Chris Evans

Robert Downey Sr.

Jeffrey Epstein

Herbert Simon

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
US Army commander suspended after using phrase ‘Arbeit Macht Frie’ in memo

Israeli fighter jets thwart planned attack by Iran from Syria

Connecticut synagogue building vandalized

Roof of Milwaukee Jewish Day School collapses a week before start of school

Nadler criticizes Tlaib and Omar for sharing controversial cartoon

  Jewish Ideas Daily - Daily Features
You Only Live Twice

Religion and State in Israel

The Ten Commandments

Come Swing with Me

Secularism and Its Discontents

  Jewniverse Articles – Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Nancy Sinatra Missed Her Father’s Death Because of ‘Seinfeld’ Finale

The Muslim Kingdom and the Israeli Flag

A New Project of Survivors’ Stories in Drawings, Letters, and Video Interviews

Meet the 1970s Jewish Artist Whose Medium Was the Bagel

Three Great Ways to Excommunicate A Misbehaving Jew

  My Jewish Learning
Friends We Made Along The Way: Ruby Pearl Diamond

Katz’s Deli is Taking Their Iconic Sandwiches on the Road

Why Jews Love Organ Meat

Keto Bagels are a Thing and We Don’t Know How to Feel

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