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July 2015

Resources Available from the Greater Altoona Jewish Federation

The Federation has a collection of films on DVD and VHS available for loan at no cost. Call the office if you are interested at 515-1182 or e-mail


100 Voices: A Journey Home - 91 minutes, documentary.  A musical documentary that uniquely tells the history of Jewish culture in Poland. It highlights the current resurgence of Jewish culture through the personal reflections and musical selections of a group of cantors and acclaimed composer Charles Fox who made an important historical mission to the birthplace of Cantorial music. The documentary will give new generations the opportunity to learn about and re-embrace the Jewish culture that produced one of the most artistic and educated societies that once flourished in Europe. The film celebrates the resilience and the power of Jewish life, while telling the story of two peoples who shared intertwined cultures.

20th Century Indifference & Injustice, VHS, English.  Elie Wiesel spoke on 4/12/1999 about the violence of the 20th Century and how indifference has led to many of the atrocities of the century, including the Holocaust and the current crisis in the Balkans. After his remarks, President Clinton reacted to the comments by speaking about U.S. involvement in the NATO mission in Yugoslavia and about the need for civil society. 

2000 Holocaust Commemoration

A Film Unfinished, DVD, 90minutes. The film exposes Nazi propaganda about life in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust.  It utilizes actual 1942 archival footage and separates reality from propaganda.

Against the Tide, DVD, 104 minutes.  A compelling film that documents what happened in the US during the Holocaust, highlighting how a young activist, Peter Bergson, challenged Washington and theestablishment Jewish organizations to demand that the rescue of Europe’s Jews become a top priority for American Jews.

Ahead of Time, Documentary, DVD, 73 minutes. For seven decades foreign correspondent and photojournalist Ruth Gruber didn’t just report the news…she made it.  Guber defied tradition from the beginning, Becoming the world’s youngest PhD at age 20. In a trailblazing career that included authoring 19 books, Gruber reported from the Soviet Arctic, escorted Holocaust refugees on a secret war-time mission, and stunned the world with dispatches from the Palestine-bound ship Exodus in 1947.

American Idealist, DVD, 87 minutes.  In the shadow of the Vietnam War and assassinations and rebellions at home, Robert Sargent Shriver launched a string of social inventions and arguably touched more lives than any leader since FDR.

(The) Anatomy of Hate, A Dialogue of Hope, DVD, Documentary, 86 minutes. It was filmed over five years with unprecedented access to Christian Fundamentalists, White supremacists, Israeli Settlers, Palestinian Militants, US Soldiers in Iraq, and Capital Murders.  The result is a film, which provides an emotional and intellectual insight into the common mechanisms present in all acts of violence, war, and hate-and through this exploration leads to a most unexpected conclusion- Hope. 

American Lives - Jewish Stories, VHS, 46 minutes. Personal stories are used to explore the challenges and joys of being Jewish in America. There are 3 vignettes with a discussion guide.

Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust in Arab Lands , DVD, 60 minutes. Robert Satloff, head of a respected Washington policy center, set off in the wake of 9/11 on what would become an eight-year journey to find an Arab hero whose story would change the way Arabs view Jews, themselves and their own history. Along the way, Satloff found not only the Arab heroes whom he sought, but a vast, lost history of what happened to the half-million Jews of the Arab lands of North Africa under Nazi, Vichy and Fascist rule. Robert MacNeil narrates.

Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century, The Resurgence, DVD, 60 minutes. There has been an increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the year 2000, particularly in Western Europe. In addition, there is an alarming increase of anti-Semitic rhetoric in many Arab and Islamic communities, especially in the mainstream media. What is fueling it and what threats does it pose?

(The) Architecture of Doom, DVD, 119 minutes.  This film captures the inner workings of the Third Reich and illuminates the Nazi aesthetic in art, architecture and popular culture. The Nazis went from banning modernist art to forced euthanasia of the retarded and sick, and finally to the persecution of homosexuals and the extermination of the Jews.

A Sacred Duty, DVD, 59 minutes. This documentary addresses the environmental crisis now facing humanity. With global warming threatening catastrophic impacts, it is imperative that we respond quickly to help shift our imperiled planet to a sustainable path. The message of the film is founded upon the ancient teachings of the Torah and other Jewish scriptures.

Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, DVD, 87 minutes. This is a revealing film story of Adolf Hitler's ambition, his passion, his demonic will, his million-fold murders. The picture is also a study in-depth of those tragic rivers of history which made Hitler's rise possible and which came to confluence in an apocalypse of 50 million dead and a large part of the world in anguish and ruin. Narrated by Marlene Dietrich, this video won the 1962 Academy Award for best Documentary Feature.

Blessed is the Match, DVD – 2 versions, 85 minutes and 45 minutes. The life and death of Hannah Senesh, poet, early Zionist and freedom fighter.

Bonhoeffer, DVD, 90 minutes. This documentary sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance. It brings to a wide audience the heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer, a highly regarded Lutheran minister who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. He could have kept his peace and saved his life on several occasions but instead paid the ultimate price for his beliefs. The Nazis hanged him on April 9, 1945, less than a month before the end of the war.

Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy, DVD, 84 minutes.  This entertaining documentary mingles cultural history with illuminating perspectives on the origins and meanings of some of Broadway’s most beloved songs, stories and shows. 

Broken Silence, DVD (TV Miniseries), 4 hours, 43 minutes. This collection of five different films, each directed by a different director from a different country, offers an eloquent and unforgettable series of interviews with Holocaust survivors, many of them children during the 1940s.

(The) Case for Israel: Democracy’s Outpost, DVD, 78 minutes.  Film presents a vigorous case for Israel - for its basic right to exist, to protect its citizens from terrorism, and to defend its borders from hostile enemies.

Constantine’s Sword, DVD, 95 minutes. Former priest, James Carroll confronts what he considers “persecution and violence in the name of God – today and in the church’s past,” beginning with the Emperor Constantine’s vision of the cross as a sword and a symbol of power and continuing to the rise of genocidal anti-Semitism to modern day conflicts sparked by religious extremism.

Courage to Care: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust. VHS, 28 minutes. These are interviews with ordinary people who refused to succumb to Nazi Tyranny. They fed strangers, kept secrets and provided hiding places.

(The) Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler, DVD, 90minutes. In the Warsaw Ghetto 1941, Irena Sendler, a Polish Christian saves the lives of 2500 Jewish children.  She has been honored at Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations.

(A Journey to) Darfur, DVD, 30 minutes. In April 2006 veteran journalist Nick Clooney was asked by his son, George, to accompany him to the troubled region of Darfur. This documentary is an account of their journey, the stories of unimaginable violence that have befallen the Darfurians and the courage of the aid workers who struggle to provide relief to 200,000 refugees.

Defiant Requiem, DVD, 85 minutes, English.  This is the little-known story of the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin.  Led by imprisoned conductor Raphael Schächter, the inmates of Terezin fought back…with art and music.  Through hunger, disease, and slave labor, the Jewish inmates of Terezin hold onto their humanity by staging plays, composing opera and using paper and ink to record the horrors around them.  This creative rebellion reaches its peak when Schächter teaches a choir of 150 inmates one of the world’s most difficult and powerful choral works, Verdi’s Requiem, re-imagined as a condemnation of the Nazis.  The choir would ultimately confront the Nazis face to face…and sing to them what they dare not say.

(The) Devil Came on Horseback, DVD, 85 minutes. An uncompromising look at the crisis in Darfur using the testimony of a former U.S. Marine, Brian Steidle. The film shows the genocide and Steidle’s advocacy since his return to the USA.

Divan, DVD, 77 minutes, English, Yiddish and Hungarian with English subtitles.  To reclaim an ancestral couch upon which esteemed rabbis slept, Pearl Gluck travels from her Hasidic community in Brooklyn to her roots in Hungary. Along the way, a colorful cast of characters gets involved – the couch exporter, her ex-communist cousin in Budapest, a pair of matchmakers, and a renegade group of formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews. Divan is a visual parable that offers the possibility of personal reinvention and cultural re-upholstery.
Elusive Justice, DVD, 120 minutes. This documentary begins with the Nuremberg trials of the immediate postwar era and ends with the present-day dismantling of Nazi war crimes units throughout the world. Major cases and manhunts are reconstructed and analyzed. The narrative is supported with interviews, location sequences, news reel footage and intelligence material, much of it never before seen.

Escape from Auschwitz, DVD, 60 minutes. This 2008 PBS feature tells the incredible story of two young Slovak Jews who managed to escape by hiding in a woodpile for three days and then fleeing across enemy territory.

Ever Again, DVD, 74 minutes. This film examines the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and its connection to international terrorism and Islamic extremism. It points out the shift from the traditional anti-Semitism of the right to that of the extreme left.

Exodus 1947, DVD, 60 minutes. After World War II, a group of private American citizens banded together in a clandestine effort to transport Holocaust survivors to Palestine. On July 11, 1947, 4,500 Jewish refugees were crammed into the hull of a decrepit steamship, later named Exodus 1947. Exodus 1947 is the true story of boat that created a nation. Narrated by Morley Safer.

Fate Did Not Let Me Go, DVD, Documentary. August 24, 1942, Trapped by history, a loving mother writes a farewell letter to her son just days before she dies in the Thereseinstadt concentration camp during the Holocaust.  Lost for nearly 50 years, the letter mysteriously reaches her son in 1985, when he is 79 years old.

Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story, DVD, 87 minutes.  Two story arcs that will tragically and heroically connect.  The first is the dramatic Entebbe hijack and rescue, 8 days when a nation held its breath and executed a military miracle that redefined the Jewish Nation’s call “Never Again!”  The second is the remarkable life story of Jonathan Netanyahu, a young soldier who struggled to find the balance between the people and the Nation he loved. 

(The) Forgotten Refugees, DVD, 49 minutes. The history and destruction of Jewish communities in the Middle East and Northern Africa – some of which existed for 2500 years. These “forgotten refugees” number about 800,000 and were forced to leave Arab countries due to the creation of the State of Israel.

Genocide, DVD, 83 minutes. This is a powerful and sad look at the Holocaust, "The Final Solution" by the Nazi evil to exterminate the Jewish race. With a fantastic narration by Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor, and a dramatic score by Elmer Bernstein, "Genocide" is both a documentary about the time when a lack of humanity almost eliminated an entire race from European soil, and a film that cries for people to remember the six million lives taken by the powers of evil.

Great Jewish Achievers, VHS, 55 minutes.The goal of the film is to help instill pride in Jewish children through celebrating the contributions of Jewish people to all phases of life. Target audience is children ages 11 and older. A discussion guide is included.

(The) Green Prince, DVD, 101 minutes, English & Hebrew.  As a defiant teenager growing up in Palestine, Mosab Hassan Yousef’s fervor against Israel was unquestionable, ultimately landing him in prison. Shaken by Hamas’s brutality within the prison’s walls and a growing disgust for their methods, particularly suicide bombing, he had an unexpected change of heart and began to see Hamas as more of a problem than a solution. Recruited by the Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security agency) and given the code name "Green Prince," he spied on the Hamas elite for over a decade, constantly risking exposure and certain death while grappling with the perception that he had betrayed his own family and people. Along the way, what started as a cautious alliance between Mosab and his Shin Bet handler Gonen Ben Yitzhak grew into an enduring loyalty that no one could’ve ever predicted.

Hava Nagila: The Movie, DVD, 75 minutes, English. The song you thought you knew.  The story you won’t believe. Hava Nagila is much more than a tale of Jewish kitsch and bad bar mitzvah fashions. It carries with it an entire constellation of history, values and hopes for the future. In its own believe-it-or-not way, Hava Nagila encapsulates the Jewish journey over the past 150 years. It also reveals the power of one song to express and sustain identity, to transmit lessons across generations and to bridge cultural divides and connect us all on a universal level.

Hitler’s Pawn, VHS, 60 minutes, English.Tells the story of Margaret Lambert, a Jewish athlete whose dreams of competing in the 1936 Olympics were crushed by Hitler’s regime, even as it used her to avoid an American boycott of the games.

Holocaust - Echoes of Darkness, VHS, 46 minutes.  Altoona Area High School. Survivors telling the history, beginning of the war, into concentration camps and escape.  Students telling about their parents and grandparents.

I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, DVD, 105 minutes. Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor who lost 89 family members, helped track down 1,100 Nazi war criminals and dedicated six decades to fighting anti-Semitism and prejudice against all people.

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust, VHS, 90 minutes. Hollywood was reluctant to peer into the darkness of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. It is only in recent years that the realism of the concentration camp has been depicted.

In Search of Peace – Part 1 1948-1967, DVD, 112 minutes. The documentary chronicles the first two decades of Israel’s existence offering new insights into the origins of the Middle East conflict.

Inside Hana’s Suitcase, DVD, 94 minutes. The poignant story of two young children who grew up in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia and the terrible events that they endured just because they happened to be born Jewish.

Israel, Appointment with Destiny, DVD, 47 minutes.This is a historical portrayal of the Jews and Zionism and Israel produced by Christians, reflecting on their sometimes unfair and discriminatory treatment of Jews.

Jerusalem: Center of the World, DVD, 120 minutes. This documentary about the 4,000 year history of Jerusalem was just shown on PBS. It explores the convergence of the world’s three major monotheistic religions in this holy city.

(The) Jewish Americans, DVD, 6hours, PBS series. It traces 350 years of Jewish American history from the arrival of the first Jews in 1654 up to the present day.

(The) Jewish People: A Story of Survival, DVD, 90 minutes. From slavery to the loss of their homeland; from exile to anti-Semitism; form pograms to near annihilation in the Holocaust, how did they endure while so many other communities have vanished?

Jewish Soldiers in Blue and Gray, DVD, 86 minutes. This film is a first-of-its-kind film that reveals the little-known struggles facing American Jews both in battle and on the home front during the nation’s deadliest war. This Documentary reveals an unknown chapter in American history when allegiances during the War Between the States deeply split the Jewish community.

Jews in Baseball, DVD, 91 minutes. This film traces the Jewish involvement in the history of the sport from the game's earliest days, through the tumultuous war years to today's All-Star games. By analyzing various stages in this history, including how the legendary Sandy Koufax pioneered rights for players and Hank Greenberg's support of Jackie Robinson, the film demonstrates how Jews shaped baseball, and baseball shaped them.

Joe Papp in Five Acts, DVD, 84 minutes, English. Joe Papp in Five Acts is the story of New York’s indomitable, street-wise champion of the arts who introduced interracial casting to the American stage, brought us free Shakespeare in the Park, Hair, and A Chorus Line, and nurtured many of our greatest playwrights, directors, and actors. Using his life and work as its prism, the film explores the issues he chose to champion: freedom of expression; democracy in the arts; the definition of American culture. 

(The) Journalist and the Jihadi – The Murder of Daniel Pearl, DVD, 80 minutes, narrated by Christiane Amanpour.The film tracks the parallel lives of Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl and Jihadi, Omar Shrekh. Both are highly educated individuals from privileged backgrounds, but there the similarities end.

Journey of Faith, DVD, 11 min. Journey of Faith is an engaging 10-minute trigger film which discusses the importance of conversion to Judaism of a non-Jewish spouse in an interfaith family. It tells the true story of Douglas and Jodi Smith’s conversion from an interfaith family to a Jewish family. Parents of two young children, Douglas converted to Judaism in 2005 and later that year, Douglas and Jodi were married in the Jewish tradition by a rabbi on their tenth wedding anniversary.

King, A Filmed Record…Montgomery to Memphis, DVD, 181 minutes, English (2 disc set).  Constructed from archival footage, the film follows Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1955 to 1968, in his rise from regional activist to world-renowned leader of the Civil Rights movement.

(The) Lady in Number 6, DVD, 39 minutes, English.  At 109 years old, Alice Herz Sommer still practiced the piano for two and a half hours each day. She remained fiercely independent and attributed her long life, less to "good genes" than to "good music". A relentlessly positive and optimistic outlook plus her deeply held belief in the essential goodness of her fellow man kept Alice Herz Sommer alive for over a century. Not only was she the oldest living person in London, England, but she was the oldest survivor of Hitler's Holocaust. It has often been said that fear and hatred eat the soul – but conversely might it also be argued that love – of life, of those around us – and in Alice's case – of music, can nourish the soul and liberate the spirit? To the end day Alice never tired of saying; "Music saved my life and Music saves me still".

(The) Last Survivor, DVD, 88 minutes, English. The Last Survivor presents the stories of genocide survivors and their struggle to make sense of tragedy. They work to educate, motivate and promulgate a civic response to mass atrocity crimes, with a focus on awareness, prevention and promoting social activism and civic engagement. (Screener & 1 copy is also a screener)

(The) Long Way Home, DVD, 115 minutes. This Academy Award winning documentary examines the critical post World War II period from 1945-1948 and the plight of tens of thousands of refugees who survived the Nazi Holocaust and their often-illegal attempts to get to the Jewish home land. 

Making Trouble (A project of the Jewish Women’s Archive), DVD, 85 minutes. A journey with three generations of funny Jewish women. Defying cultural expectations and changing the rules. Molly Picon, Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Wendy Wasserstein and Gilda Radner and Joan Rivers successfully went from vaudeville and the Yiddish theater to Broadway, from Ziegfeld’s Follies to Saturday Night Live.

March of the Living 2011, DVD, 2 disc set. The March of the Living is an annual educational program, which brings students from all over the world to Poland, in order to study the history of the Holocaust and to examine the roots of prejudice, intolerance and hate. Since the first March of the Living was held in 1988, over 200,000 participants, from 35 countries, have marched down the same path leading from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Remembrance Day. 2011 program.

Next Year Jerusalem, DVD, 73 minutes, English. Choosing life in life’s final chapter is the poignant subtext of the new independent documentary Next Year Jerusalem, a lyrical portrait of eight nursing home residents who travel to Israel on a tour. Earnest and nuanced, Next Year Jerusalem is a poetic exploration of living and dying, hope and fear, travel and memory.  It is a celebration of human experience and a reverent tribute to life's eldest travelers.

Never Forget to Lie, DVD, 60 minutes. Marian Marzynski’s autobiographical exploration of his own wartime childhood and the experiences of other child survivors, teasing out their feelings about Poland, the Catholic Church, and the ramifications of identities forged under circumstances where survival began with the directive “never forget to lie”.

Nicky’s Family, DVD, 90 minutes.  A nearly forgotten story of Nicholas Winton, an Englishman who organized the rescue of 669 Czech and Slovak children just before World War II.  Winton, now 102 years old, did not speak about these events with anyone for more than 50 years until his wife found a suitcase in the attic, full of documents and transport plans.  Today the story is known all over the world and thousands of children have decided to follow in his footsteps by developing projects that help in the saving of lives of sick children in Cambodia and Africa. 
Night and Fog, DVD, 31 minutes. The history of Nazi Germany's death camps of the Final Solution and the hellish world of dehumanization and death contained inside.

No Place on Earth, DVD, 83 minutes, English.  While mapping out the largest cave system in Ukraine, explorer and investigator Chris Nicola discovers evidence that five Jewish families spent nearly a year and a half in the pitch-black caves to escape the Nazis. This is the story of the longest uninterrupted underground survival in recorded human history.

No. 4 Street of Our Lady, DVD, 95 minutes. This is a remarkable, yet little known story of a Polish-Catholic woman who rescued 15 of her Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust. The film draws on excerpts from a diary kept by one of the survivors, Moshe Maltz, whose granddaughter, Judy, a Penn State Professor, is one of the filmmakers.

One Survivor Remembers, DVD, 39 minutes. Coproduced by the U.S.Holocaust Memorial Museum Research Institute,this Academy Award-winning documentary relates the harrowing story of Gerda Weissmann Klein and her journey of survival and remembering both before and after the war.

Orchestra of Exiles, DVD, 85 minutes, English. In the early 1930’s Hitler began firing Jewish musicians across Europe. Overcoming extraordinary obstacles, violinist Bronislaw Huberman moved these great musicians to Palestine and formed a symphony that would become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. With courage, resourcefulness and an entourage of allies including Arturo Toscanini and Albert Einstein, Huberman saved close to 1000 Jews - along with the musical heritage of Europe.

Out of Ashes, VHS, 113 minutes.  Based on a true story, this heart-wrenching film follows the journey of Gisella Perl (Christine Lahti), a Jewish-Hungarian doctor who manages to survive Auschwitz. Decades later, she's applying for U.S. citizenship when she becomes accused of colluding with the Nazis. Her judge and jury are three INS investigators who must decide her fate.

Out of Faith, DVD, 82 minutes. This is the story of how marriage outside of the faith places stress on three generations of a Chicago area Jewish family. It gradually becomes a portrait of the Welbel family’s iron willed matriarch Leah, whose survival of Auschwitz and Birkenau makes her strong, but defines her for the rest of her life.

(The) Outrageous Sophie Tucker, DVD, 96 minutes, English.  Known as the “Last of the Red Hot Mamas”, Sophie Tucker and her smoky voice worked through vaudeville, the first talking motion pictures and eventually television.  Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, Sophie wasn’t what you would expect for a star.  She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but her voice, attitude and humor were enough to pack the house.

Paperclips, DVD, 84 minutes.The students in a Tennessee middle school studied the Holocaust as a way of learning about intolerance and diversity. In 2001, their paperclip project culminated in a unique memorial.

Praying with Lior, DVD, 87 minutes.  A documentary about a Jewish boy, Lior, who has Down syndrome. The film follows Lior and his family as they prepare for Lior's bar mitzvah.

Protocols of Zion, DVD, 95 minutes. A documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in the USA after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Rape of Europa, DVD, 117 minutes. This astonishing and timely documentary tells the epic story of the systematic theft, deliberate destruction and miraculous survival of Europe’s art treasures during the Third Reich.

Refusenik, DVD, 117 minutes. The epic story of freeing the Soviet Jews is told in this documentary. What began as a fledgling gathering of students and housewives forty years ago grew into a human rights movement that eventually freed one and a half Soviet Jews and cracked the seemingly impenetrable wall of Soviet Communism.

(A) Sacred Duty, DVD, 60 minutes.  The film focuses on Jewish teachings about caring for the earth, treatment of animals, and the environment, with a focus on vegetarianism. Interviews with rabbis, activists, and scholars are interspersed with footage and stills illustrating the points being discussed.

Shanghai Ghetto, DVD, 95 minutes. Thousands of European Jews were shut out of country after country while trying to escape Nazi persecution in the late 1930’s. A beacon of hope materialized in an unlikely place, Japanese-controlled Shanghai, where refugees sought a new home.

Sophie Scholl - The final days, DVD, 117 minutes.  The last six days of Sophie Scholl’s life: a heart-stopping journey from arrest to interrogation, trial and sentence in 1943 Munich.  Unwavering in her convictions and loyalty to her comrades, her cross-examination by the Gestapo quickly escalates into a searing test of wills as Scholl delivers a passionate call to freedom and personal responsibility that is both haunting and timeless.

Soul of the Garden, DVD, 54 minutes, English. Exploring the garden of life, by Tom Spencer.

Standing Silent, DVD, 85 minutes, English. Phil Jacobs, editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, has begun writing and publishing a series of articles about sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community. He has found what he believes to be clear evidence that several respected rabbis have been able to avoid arrest and recrimination due to the control they wield over the community. Jacobs fights the orthodox establishment to bring to light the pain and suffering of hundreds of survivors. At the same time he reveals a deep, personal truth which takes the story to a remarkable climax.

(The) Story of the Jews, DVD, 295 minutes on 2 DVD’s, English. Simon Shama presents an epic 5-part series exploring the extraordinary story of the Jewish experience from ancient times to the present day.  The story presents a compelling argument about distinctiveness and difference, separation and isolation, tolerance and prejudice, but it is also a celebration of the ways in which Jewish thought, Jewish imagination, and Jewish achievement have transformed the world for us all.

Swimming in Auschwitz, 2 DVD set, 63 minutes.  Documents the plights of six women who each ended up in the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during WWII and the shocking inhumanities they endured.

Tak for Alt, Survival of the Human Spirit, VHS or DVD, 60 minutes. This award-winning documentary is the life story of Judy Meisel, Holocaust survivor and civil rights activist.

(The) Third Reich, DVD, 180 minutes. This film uncovers familiar anecdotes and fascinating details about the people who comprised the Nazi Party, and raids the treasure trove of archives the Nazis left behind, including rarely seen German newsreel recordings along with other unique footage carried home by Russian troops.

Three Stories of Galicia, DVD, 83 minutes. The film follows the stories of three characters during and after the Second World War in the region of Eastern Europe called Galicia: a Jewish family that chose to save its worst enemy, a Ukrainian woman who sacrificed her children to save her country and a Polish priest who risked everything to end the sectarian hatred that tore at his parish.

Triumph of Memory, VHS, 29 minutes. Four non-Jewish Nazi survivors, a Frenchman, a Norwegian, a Czech, and a Russian, speak about their experiences in concentration camps and memories of the Holocaust.

Unmasked Judeophobia, DVD, 88 minutes. This film isa meticulous examination of rising anti-Jewish ideology. Filmmaker Gloria Greenfield travels from Israel to Europe to North America, covering this phenomenon from all angles, including Christian and Islamic polemics against Jews, the proliferation of anti-Israeli bias in academia and cultural institutions, misinformation campaigns and state-sanctioned denials of Israel’s right to exist.
Voices of Auschwitz, DVD, English, 47 minutes. CNN's Wolf Blitzer hosts a one-hour documentary marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp with personal testimony from survivors.

Walking the Bible, DVD, 168 minutes.  Both a heart-racing adventure and an uplifting quest, Walking the Bible describes one man's epic odyssey—by foot, jeep, rowboat, and camel—through the greatest stories every told. From crossing the Red Sea to climbing Mount Sinai to touching the burning bush, Bruce Feiler's inspiring journey will forever change your view of some of history's most storied events.
Watermarks, DVD, 77 minutes, English, Hebrew and German/English subtitles. A heartwarming film that narrates the story of the champion women swimmers of the legendary Vienna sports club. Hakoah – it is a tale of survival and friendship.

Elie Wiesel at the White House, DVD, 90 minutes.  As part of the millennium series, Wiesel is the guest of President and Mrs. Clinton and speaks about “Indifference in the 20th Century”.

Worse Than War, DVD, 120 minutes.  Based on Daniel Goldhagen’s book of the same tilte. is apersonal exploration of the nature of genocide, ethnic cleansing and large-scale mass murder.  Documenting Goldhagen’s travels, teachings discussions and opinions, the film offers profound insight into genocide’s dimensions, causes and patterns, and the role it plays in politics and human affairs. 

Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg, DVD, 92 minutes.  Adocumentary film on the broadcast career of Gertrude Berg and her radio and television serials, The Goldbergs. The filmaddresses developments contemporaneous with the years of The Goldbergs, Kristallnacht, the American Nazi German-American Bund and right-wing radio lecturer Father Coughlin. It also deals with Berg's struggle against the McCarthy Era blacklisters and the influence of Red Channels. The film ends with the end of the television program and Berg's post-Goldbergs professional career.