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As we will soon be gathering for the annual remembrance and celebration of Passover in our homes, in our houses of worship, and in spirit with our fellow American Jews and Jews throughout the world, I cannot help but be conflicted by the blessings of freedom of religion, justice and the democratic process that allows us to live as Jews in this country, and the rise of polarization, extremism, inhumanity and warfare that exists with and amongst our fellow man.  It  saddens me that the common values of kindness, respect, and tzedakah do not seem as universal and that many communities are not as welcoming as in past years. There should be a lot to think about when our Passover Haggadah guides us through ..........



  The Times of Israel
Last-gasp House drama moves US away from government shutdown

Dozens arrested in Iran in demonstration commemorating ‘Bloody Friday’ anniversary

Eritrean man stabbed to death in Netanya, in latest brawl between migrants

Female prison guards, officials to be questioned over alleged sex scandal

New York City begins to dry out after record rainfall, intense flooding

Dianne Feinstein Paved the Way for Jewish Women

A New Notebook for a New (Jewish) Year

Stop Leaving Out the Jewish Half of My Kids’ Last Name

Klezmer Music For Kids (And Their Parents, Too)

Ben Stiller Shares His Favorite Yiddish Words With Mayim Bialik

  American Jewish World Service – AJWS
“The queerest space in Nairobi”: LGBTQI+ activists create safe space in Kenya

Transformed by grief: A mother searches for Mexico’s disappeared

Flipping the Script: Young Feminist Leaders Tell Funders What They Need at the Women Deliver Conference

Showing Up for Women and Girls: Shyleen’s Fight

Smashing the Patriarchy: Richa’s Fight

  Jewish Telegraphic Agency
San Francisco Giants fire Jewish manager Gabe Kapler after disappointing season

Flash floods put a dangerous damper on the first night of Sukkot in NYC

Street fights over prayer offer liberal Israelis a chance to define a Judaism they can believe in

In Chicago, a Black-led church and a Jewish community are addressing painful history through a Sukkot festival

A NYC exhibit explores the etrog’s journey around the Jewish world

  NYT > World > Middle East
Iraq Wedding Fire’s Death Toll Rises, as Investigators Point to Safety Violations

In an Israeli Oasis, a Model for Peace, if Messy and Imperfect

U.A.E. Talks Peace in Sudan War, but Secretly Backs One Side

Yom Kippur Prayers Split Israelis in Tel Aviv

United Nations Struggles to Meet Challenge of Changing World

  The Forward
San Francisco Giants fire Jewish manager Gabe Kapler after disappointing season

Canada was ashamed to have saluted a Ukrainian who fought for Hitler. But that salute didn’t come from nowhere

The most prominent Jew in Latin America wore a crucifix at a recent campaign event. Is that kosher?

PHOTOS: The raw power of Jewish diversity across four continents

What you do when your sister is being held by a terrorist cell in Iraq

Be My Guest: Sukkot

Schnitzel Eggplant on Challah

5 Famous Foods with Surprising Jewish Origins

Is Lab-Grown Pork Kosher?

The Crispy, Golden Crust of Tahdig: A Dish That Connects Persian Jews to Their Roots

  Jew or Not Jew
Hugh O'Brian

Mickey Katz

Fritz Hofmann

Sarah Podemski

Elias Abraham Rosenberg

  Jewish NewsJewish News
UJIA raises £1million to support Israel experiences for young people

Chief Rabbi to attend COP28 global climate change conference in United Arab Emirates

Torah crown looted from shul during Kristallnacht discovered in German antique shop

85 years after Kristallnacht, Germany to begin rebuilding grand synagogue in Hamburg

Rishi Sunak honours founder of exercise club for the neurologically impaired

  News & Views – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com
House Votes to Cut Salary of Suspended Iran Envoy, Continue to Fund UNRWA

Pompeo Tops List of Israel’s Christian Allies

Tel Aviv Judge Supports City Decision to Yank Rosh Yehudi’s Holiday Permits

New York City Under Water for First Days Yom Tov Sukkot

California Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies, Age 90

  Washington Jewish Week
Remembering Jewish Community Leader David Topol

Local Grants Aim to Expand Disability Inclusion

Judith Levitt Walters

“Sandy” Sandra Seltzer Silberman

Diane Barbara Schweber

  My Jewish Learning
Kiddushin 49

Kiddushin 48

Kiddushin 47

What Is Home?

This Easy Balkan Vegetable Stew Is Perfect for Shabbat











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